Review: Buddha Bowls: 100 Nourishing One-Bowl Meals

cover141734-mediumIn case you’ve never had a buddha bowl, what they are is this: a well-balanced mix of proteins, carbs, and vegetables served in one bowl.  You start with a base of grains like quinoa or rice, then you add a protein, veggies, and a sauce or broth to give you a complete meal.  They’re actually very popular in my house.  I have one kid who is vegetarian and another that is willing to try anything. Continue reading “Review: Buddha Bowls: 100 Nourishing One-Bowl Meals”

Monday: What are you reading?


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Before I get into what I’ve been reading, I have to say, I stumbled across this neat site called Blind Date with a Book.  It’s a really neat concept – you get a huge selection of books and a few words to describe them, but no title or author.  I splurged and ordered two books and THEY ARE OUT FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW. So, when I get home tonight, I’ll have two brand new books. Continue reading “Monday: What are you reading?”