Review: What Happened that Night by Sandra Block


I feel awful, I thought I had reviewed this and I hadn’t.

Dahlia’s life was on track.  A sucessful law student on her way to a brilliant career ahead of her, she had everything going for her.  Then, by a stroke of bad luck, she runs into the wrong person at a party and is brutally assualted.  Not having any memory of that night, she does everything to get on with her life as best she can. Years later, while working as a paralegal, she stumbles across some co-workers watching a video of her assualt and her world is turned upside down in an instant.

Whether you’ve ever been in Dahlia’s position or not, she’s easy to relate to in the sense that we all have pasts that we’re trying to overcome.  Hers happens to be an extremely brutal past.  While I’m not sure I’d have gone to the lengths that she did in order to get her revenge, I can’t say that I blame her one bit, either.  There was no excuse or reasoning for what she endured and the jerks responsible needed to pay one way or another.

Her relationship with James was refreshing.  Although they liked each other and wanted to be more than friends, they were in no rush to push it either.  The slow build of trust and love between them was sweet and realistic.  James’ unique perspective definitely helped keep Dahlia from going down too dark a path.

What Happened That Night is an intense, rollercoaster ride of emotions from beginning to end.    There is a bit of a twist at the end that I hadn’t expected and it really threw me for a loop.  It still bothers me, a month after I finished the book.  As much as I enjoyed this novel, I will say that there are many graphic descpritions of Dahlia’s assualt.  It could be triggering or, for me, flat out disturbing.  However, if you can get past those then you likely will enjoy the novel as well.

*Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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