February Challenge: Fantastic February

Although I’m failing most epically in the January Jam Jar Challenge, I’m all in for Kathy @ Books and Munches February challenge.  February means fantasy and paranormal and that sounds perfect to me!  You can see all the details here.

Since I’m struggling so badly with the January challenge (I’m 10% into one book, 20% into another and… *sigh*), I thought I’d go easy on myself and keep my list short and sweet.  I’m sticking to mostly paranormal cozy mysteries and one urban fantasy.

1. Heir of the Dog by Hailey Edwards

2. Witch Slapped by Dakota Cassidy

3. Quit Your Witchin’ by Dakota Cassidy

4. Then There Were Nun by Dakota Cassidy

5. Hit and Nun by Dakota Cassidy

I chose the first because I read Dog with a Bone and Dog Days of Summer (book one and a short story) and really enjoyed them.  The whole premise of the series is interesting and a little different.  Also, the author’s writing style is easy and light even when the story isn’t.

The last four I chose because I’m a sucker for Dakota Cassidy.  I’ve been a fan for a long time and love her writing style and sense of humor.  Her books are always fast, enjoyable reads and I thought they’d be perfect for February’s challenge.  Never mind the fact that they’ve been languishing on my Kindle for far longer than they deserve.

9 thoughts on “February Challenge: Fantastic February

  1. I don’t know ANY of these books – yikes? – but I’m so happy you’re ready for February already, haha! Motivation all the way! 😀

    My January Jam Jar isn’t going amazing either, so don’t worry about it. 😉


    1. Nah, not yikes at all. That’s why we’re here, to spread the love for lesser known books. 😀 Yeah, now let’s hope I can keep that motivation!

      Ugh, January has been a month. February will be better!

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