Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge July 10, 2019


The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: favorite authors in a specific genre.

I read in a ton of genres, so deciding on one today was tougher than picking my favorite authors!  My first thought was to go with mysteries and/or thrillers but since I’m eyeball deep in The Witcher saga at the moment, I thought I’d go with fantasy instead.

I had read a few fantasy novels before I met my husband and, while I had enjoyed them, nothing inspired me to read more than his introducing me to Terry Brooks and The Sword of Shannara.  And while this first book gets a lot of garbage for being a Lord of the Rings ripoff, it still inspired me to pick up more fantasy novels.  To be honest, I love Terry Brooks’ Landover series better anyway.  Questor Thews and Abernathy for the win.

After Terry Brooks, we stumbled across an author named Tad Williams and a redheaded scullion named Simon.  I devoured his Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, read Tailchaser’s Song because KITTIES and then right on into an epic science-fiction/fantasy series called Otherland.  That last series exhausted me, but it didn’t keep me from falling right into the Shadowmarch series either.

One day, my husband and I wandered into Borders and while we were checking out, he found a bookmark advertising a new book called Wizard’s First Rule.  That bookmark led us into a long-term love affair with a man named Terry Goodkind.  His Sword of Truth series is one of my favorite fantasy series of all time.  He gets extra love because he’s a local author and, because he lives nearby, my husband has an almost complete collection of autographed novels.  Every time I’m in Barnes & Noble, I look to see if there are any on the shelf.

I could keep going, but I am going to add just one last author before I end this post.  Now, I’ve only read one of his novels, but my husband, who generally isn’t much of a reader, has devoured all of them, so I want to include him.  This final author is Joe Abercrombie.  Again, during a random stroll through a bookstore, my husband found the first of his First Law series and couldn’t get enough.  He read the first, he read the second, and then discovered that the third wouldn’t be out for months.  However, it was available in the UK.  Dear Mr. Abercrombie, you are the reason why I have an account with, thanks.  Oddly enough, I sent him an email telling him this and how much my husband enjoyed his series.  Believe it or not, he responded to me – and within only a few days.  I was both stoked and forever impressed with what a kind man he was.

I kinda loved this topic and might have to do another soon in one of my other favorite genres.  Let me know if you’ve read any of the above or have someone to add to this list of fantasy authors I should try.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge July 10, 2019

  1. Terry Brooks was one of my first fantasy reads – and however much Sword of Shannara might have been derivative of Tolkien, it was a heck of a lot more readable. (Though I admit, I did think Elfstones was a better book.) I also particularly enjoys his Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold books.

    I love the Tad Williams I’ve read, but I never got into his work quite the way you did. Terry Goodkind… I never got much past the first couple of books in the Wizards First Rule series, but the original was extremely well done.

    Joe Abercrombie is new to me– No, no he isn’t. He’s one of those that I ran into some sort of recommendation for, thought “this looks fascinating,” and added The Blade Itself to my TBR pile. I own it, I just haven’t read it yet. That’s an oversight I’ll have to correct.

    My list is here:


    1. Agreed on Terry Brooks! My husband has a ton of his books that I haven’t read yet and I really need to now.

      I don’t know what it was that dragged me so headfirst into Tad Williams, but I really do love his work. I think it’s because he tends to have very strong female leads and that drew me in. Especially Briony in the Shadowmarch series.

      Joe Abercrombie is more brutal from what I’ve read, but still really good. It’s darker, I guess I’d say. And now that I’m writing this, I can’t believe I forgot to add R. A. Salvatore to my list! Lord, I’m ashamed of myself right now!

      Thanks for the visit!


  2. I remember reading Sword of Shannara many moons ago….Wizards First Rule has been on my list for a while. I took a break from fantasy but getting back into it recently.


    1. Fantasy takes more brain power than these thrillers or other things I tend to read, so I haven’t been reading a lot lately either. Although I did start reading The Witcher books last week and am enjoying that as well.


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