Review: Just His Luck by B. J. Daniels

cover158589-mediumShade Sterling has carried a torch for Lizzy Conners since senior year of high school. But the timing never felt right for them, especially since his ex-girlfriend, Ariel, disappeared without a trace years ago. Now, with their ten-year class reunion approaching, Shade is tired of waiting. Determined to move on with his life and take a chance with Lizzy, he’s all in…until a car is dredged up from a local pond and Ariel’s remains are found inside.

As the newly appointed sheriff, Lizzy must investigate every single lead—including the ones that point right to Shade. She knows she can’t let her heart get in the way of an investigation, but she can’t accept that Shade is guilty. Now if she can only prove it—both to the town out for justice and to herself.

I always thank Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the e-ARCs I recieve, but I really need to thank Netgalley and Harlequin for giving me a chance to fall in love with B. J. Daniels’ books.  I’d never read anything by her until I was granted the ARC for Stroke of Luck, the first in this series.  Now, I’m officialy hooked on her books.  Anyway – my review.

Shade’s the youngest of the Sterling brothers and hasn’t ever had much luck in the love department.  His true love, Lizzy Conners, has always seemed out of reach.  His second chance love in college ended suddenly and he pretty much wrote off long term relationships after that.  Of the three brothers, I think I liked Shade the most, which is odd, because the youngest tends to be spoiled or bratty.  Shade, on the other hand, was pretty content with his life and how things had worked out.  Sure, he wanted love and a family, but he wasn’t in a rush to find it, either.  He was more than willing to wait for Lizzy and I thought that was sweet.

I was happy to see that Lizzy was Shade’s love interest in this book.  We meet her in one of the other two novels and I really liked her character then.  It made me doubly happy to see that she’d won the election for sheriff.  She’s a strong-willed character, determined to get what she wants, including Shade.  However, her drive isn’t off-putting like it can sometimes be.  She has her insecure moments and I think that’s the difference right there.  Often, she questions whether she’s right for the job or not, only to prove to herself and others that she’s the exact person they need.

The mystery was a good one as well. I love nothing better than a cold case so, when Shade’s ex-girlfriend’s body is found ten years after her disappearance, I was all in.  Just His Luck had all my favorite mystery tropes combined into one.  A group of possible murderers confined to a small area, no way to reach outside help, no one really knowing who the bad guy is.  I couldn’t tell you why this old school approach is so addictive to me, but it’s really my favorite kind of mystery.  In the end, I had pegged pretty much everyone for the murder aside from the actual murderer.  Which, honestly, isn’t that much of a shock since I can’t ever figure these things out.

While I’m sad to see this series end, I’m also excited because now I can move on to other series by this author.  Seeing she’s as prolific as she is, I won’t be without something to read for a very long time to come.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

*Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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