[Blogtober] Reading Challenge Update

Last year, my Goodreads goal was 100 books.  I surpassed that by 15 or 20, I can’t remember which.  So, when I set my goal for this year, I thought what the heck?  Let’s go for 150.

This was a mistake.

At the end of 2017, my husband was told he was in kidney failure.  Starting in April 2018, he began the long process of dialysis.  We started the process shortly after of getting him on a transplant list and waited.  What we hadn’t expected (although we are extremely grateful) is that his mother would be approved as a donor (she’s in her 60’s, just over the cutoff age) and that a year after starting dialysis, he’d be in surgery, getting a slightly used kidney.

Needless to say, that threw our lives into chaos.  A good sort of chaos, but still chaos.  Doctor’s visits every week, lab work twice a week, the whole nine yards.  Never mind not knowing whether his body was going to reject this gift or not.  It all put a damper on both my free time and my motivation.  On the bright side, he’s doing amazingly well and Tuesday he’ll officially be six months post-transplant.

So, my goal is still sitting at 150 and while I know I’m never going to make that, I’m okay with it, too.  I’ve read 54 books so far this year and have one I ought to finish today.  I might hit 75 by the end of the year, but wherever I land, I’m good with it.

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