[Blogtober] Characters with Bad Luck

Oh, now this should be fun!

The first character I thought of was Stephanie Plum.  If there was ever a character with a ton of bad luck, it’s her.  Granted, she and Lula bring a lot of it on themselves, but trouble follows wherever that girl (and her cars) go!

Wile E Coyote (Super Genius).  Maybe he’s an idiot, maybe he’s malnourished because he can’t cat the roadrunner, or maybe he’s just really, really unlucky?  My bet is that it’s a combination of all three.

Lastly, I’m going to run with two of my own characters: Andrej Zeklos and Zayne Reyes.  Zayne’s a walking disaster, prone to getting hurt doing the most normal of things.  Andrej, on the other hand, has the poor luck of falling in love with his seemingly very heterosexual partner.  Which, as you can guess, causes him all sorts of heartache and chaos.  Together, they’re a great pair, but man do they have all the bad luck.

4 thoughts on “[Blogtober] Characters with Bad Luck

    1. Stephanie Plum is from a series of books by Janet Evanovich. They’re funny cozy mysteries/romance novels. Great for a laugh. But seriously, how that coyote is still alive is a mystery to me!

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  1. Now that I think of it, yeah, Stephanie Plum usually does have bad luck. Are Zayne and Andrej from your books? Where? 🙂


    1. She’s constantly getting knocked around or her cars blown up/flattened, so she was my first thought!

      Zayne and Andrej are mine, yes, but no books. I’m not published, I just write for fun and post it on LiveJournal. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough. 😀


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