[Blogtober] Favorite Reading Drinks

Y’all, I’m boring.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m drinking water.  Often, I’m drinking iced coffee as well, but not as much as water.  Very rarely, you’ll find me with a lemonade from Dutch Bros. or even more rarely, alcohol.

So yeah, you’ve learned two things today: 1) I’m boring.  2) I can write a short post when I want to. HAHAHA.  (Bonus: 3) I’m a dork, but you probably knew that long before now.)

4 thoughts on “[Blogtober] Favorite Reading Drinks

  1. I don’t drink alcohol either so you will never find me with a glass of wine. I mean how the hell are you supposed to concentrate on the book if you sit there getting buzzed? lol It’s beyond me. There is nothing wrong with drinking water.


  2. Nothing boring at all. It never occurs to me to drink alcohol while reading. I’m not a big drinker-mostly a beer or wine on the rare night out. Coffee or tea. Water.


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