[Blogtober] Paranormal Romance

Finally a topic I know a little about.

Jayne Castle’s St. Helens series.  I’ve only read the first in this futuristic/paranormal series, but I really enjoyed Amaryllis and have bought the other two as well.

Dakota Cassidy’s Kiss & Hell series.  It’s only two books, but it’s still my favorite series of hers.  And yes, I know, I’ve been bringing her up a lot lately, but I can’t not mention her again.  She has several series to choose from including her Accidentals and the Paris, TX books.

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate.  Angels and Demons battling for the love of one woman?  Yes, please.  Also, Luce is amazing and I kinda love Cam (even though I know I shouldn’t).

Honestly though, I’ll read anything with vampires or witches involved in it.  Angels, demons, and other crazy stuff is a lot of fun as well.  Shifters generally aren’t my thing, but I’m not going to say no either.

Side note: I started this post yesterday and forgot to finish it.  *headdesk*  So, you’ll get two posts today.  Maybe.

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