Reading with Cats

I love my cats, really I do.  They’re warm, they’re furry, and most of the time, they’re very, very sweet.

2020-03-13 16.53.16 And then I decide I want a little downtime.  For some reason, the second I pick up a book or my e-reader, they flock to my lap.  I’m not sure how they know or what sort of radar they have, but I think it’s somehow connected to the ‘it’s five seconds past the time you fed me yesterday’ gene they all seem to have built into their bodies.  Pesky little animals.


2020-03-13 16.49.44 Most of the time, they don’t interfere with what I’m doing, but sometimes, the needy little brats feel like they need every ounce of my attention RIGHT THAT SECOND.  This is where my relaxation time gets dicey.  I mean, I think she’s mad that I want to do something other than pet her for an hour straight.  The nerve I have, am I right, guys?  She’s nicknamed Princess Nayla for a reason ya know.


2019-10-20 16.37.05 At other times, having a cat on your lap can be a bonus.  Those days when my wrist hurts or I can’t be bothered to hold my e-reader.  This is one of the upsides of having a ginormous kitty – they make great book props.  Well, right up until the moment they decide that they’re done with you and your crap and hop off your lap, taking the e-reader with them.  All while giving you that, ‘you thought you were going to read, eh?’ look.


2018-12-23 09.17.45 It’s not just Nayla who does this to me.  Sunny, despite not liking to be held or touched in any way, also loves to get into the ‘let’s not let mom read’ act.  Did I also mention that she can be rather hypercritical of my choice in reading material?  As you can see by this photo, she’s not all that impressed with my manga.  Maybe she doesn’t like vampires, who knows?  Maybe she just needs to broaden her kitty horizons.


20190724_171122 And then we have Violet.  Now, she only just turned a year old last week, so she’s pretty much into everything.  She’s also an attention hound so anytime you’re paying attention to anyone or anything but her, she’s got to be all up in your business.  But heaven forbid you even think to try and show her any kind of affection any other time.  You might leave with your fingers intact.  Might.  Good thing she’s a cute little sucker, eh?

Anyway, I figured we could all use a bit of levity right now with everything that’s going on in the world.  They officially closed the schools here yesterday afternoon.  Which, in and of itself isn’t a big deal because my kids are 18 and 20 and can take care of themselves.  But it also sucks because my younger girl is slated to graduate in May.  Her senior trip has already been cancelled and now I’m worried that her commencement will be, too.  This kid has always gotten the short end of the stick due to her sister being overly demanding.  I hate that she might miss out on this, too, and I have no way of fixing it for her.

So, all that said, I hope you enjoyed a tour through my kitties and all the chaos they like to create in my life.  But you know what?  They’re worth every frustration because they bring me so much happiness.  Do your animals try and impede on your reading time?

Happy Monday everyone, I hope this week is better than the last.

12 thoughts on “Reading with Cats

  1. Mine actually do not. They love affection, but most of the time, they’re not really lap cats. Of course, we’ve already established that my cats are sort of defective in some ways, so this could just be another abnormal behavior from them, lol.


    1. Nayla loves to lay in your lap. Violet? Only when it’s inconvenient for you. Sunny? Almost never. So, aside from Nayla, the other two are as dysfunctional as yours. LOL


  2. I can relate. Bitsy has only recently turned into a part-time lap cat. When we had 4 cats, she always kept to herself and mostly just interacted with Casey and Mischief. Now that Mischief and Sable are gone, she’s gotten more loving. So, when I’m reading, she wants to lay up next to me as I do a lot of reading on the computer while in bed. Casey wants to get between me and the computer (or tablet) and receive all the attention. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your babies!


    1. Aw, I guess she figures she has a better chance at lap time now? But I love that she’s gotten more loving with you. Anytime – you know how much I love my kitties and I knew you’d enjoy seeing them, too.


  3. Mine do this too, whether I’m reading or not. There’s one recliner by the window that as soon as I sit in, one’s coming around the corner to jump up on my lap. These days, I’m mostly there to read, though, and if I’m lucky, they’ll sit on my lap, and not on my chest right between me and my book/Kindle. Your cats are very pretty!


    1. Nayla is like that! She knows when I’m just about to get up to leave for work and has to hop into my lap. Or, when it’s time to eat. The only time she doesn’t is when she knows it’s bedtime. Then, she just stares at me until I get up. Hahaha. Oh lord, cats love to get between you and whatever you want to do, don’t they?


      1. Mine must know better than to bother me during mealtime, though I did have one in the past that I was a little too…liberal with feeding from my plate. They definitely make life interesting; I’m not much for dogs, to be honest, but I wouldn’t be happy without at least one cat around the house.


      2. Thankfully mine don’t try to eat my food, they just want to be in my lap! Amen, I don’t know what I’d do without a pet of some kind. Even my daughter’s bearded dragon is entertaining!

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