Monday Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  What’s going on with you?  I thought that, in an attempt to lighten the mood a bit and distract from the current mess our lives are, I’d post some fun stuff that wasn’t a meme or a book review. Sound good?
First, my song for the day!

Being old like I am, I’ve loved Deborah Harry for a long time.  When her album Def, Dumb & Blonde came out in 1989, I was 15 and I really fell in love with her then.  I Want That Man was my favorite off the album and is still one of my favorites to this day.  Plus, this video is the epitome of the 1980’s video era and I love how cheesy it is.

Next, I started watching a new show on HBO Go this morning.  I think I’ve mentioned this on here before but I got bored one day and decided to learn to speak Romanian.  I have an odd fascination with the country and would love to visit sometime in the future.  And I’ve heard the Romanians are very patient with dumb foreigners who mutilate their language, so they might get a laugh out of me.

One of the best ways to learn is by listening, so I’ve found a lot of music on Spotify (Smiley is a favorite of mine) to help with that.  But what I’ve been wanting are some movies or television shows to immerse myself in.  I stumbled across an article this morning listing several Romanian TV shows that are on HBO Go via HBO Europe.  I decided on a whim to start with Umbre (Shadows).

Blurb: Adapted from the Australian crime series Small Time Gangster, UMBRE (SHADOWS) stars Serban Pavlu, as Relu Oncescu, a rugged family man and Bucharest taxi driver who leads a double life as a mafia debt collector. As Relu struggles to balance both his family and mob duties, one incident leads to the undoing of his carefully crafted life.

I’m only one episode in and I’m hooked.  It’s this strange mix of drama, action, and dark comedy.  I laughed probably more than I should have while watching this earlier today.  My only issue so far is the overuse of ‘bro’.  I’m not sure if that’s what the Romanian actually translates to or if it’s a weird, American-type translation thing.  I had to wonder if they’d hired a frat boy to do the translation a couple of times.  While it’s annoying enough to read, I’m glad I don’t have to hear it (in English anyway).

On the plus side, while it’s a bit violent, it hasn’t had any gratuitous female nudity so far.  These cable network shows and streaming sites have way too much of that.  Can’t wait to watch the next episode now.  Will be interesting to see how Relu manages to keep his two very different lives from intersecting.

What are you doing to bust the boredom and keep yourself from going stir-crazy?

8 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I remember that video but hadn’t thought of it in a very long time. 🙂 Nice to remember a better time. I’d been married almost 2 years when it was released.

    I can’t imagine the word “bro” in Romanian. That has to be a hoot to watch. I hope the show helps you in your quest to learn the language. I used to watch videos of a show in German called Veboten Lieben (or something like that – it’s been many years). I never took any German but after a while there were words that I recognized while hearing them instead of having to read them. I took French in high school and Spanish in college…after all these years, I can’t say much “stuck”……lol


    1. I stumbled across something that made me think of it and I had to go find it. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been married that long, but you have a great husband, too!

      The word for brother is frate… how do you shorten that? But it has been interesting! Forbidden Love – sounds like quite a show! I studied German in high school since my grandfather was born there. Last year, Taylor started watching a show on Netflix called Dark and she preferred to watch the German language version with the subtitles. I was shocked at how much I recalled after so many years, so I’m not surprised you picked some of it up!

      It’s a shame our brains can’t retain all this fun stuff we learn in our youth. 🙂


      1. That’s cool that Taylor is following in your footsteps language-wise. I wish I’d given German a try. Michael’s uncle was stationed in Germany during WWII. He married a German lady, so Michael grew up hearing German from his Aunt Lisa. I only knew her for a few years but she had such a sweet accent when she spoke even after so many years. She was also very kind to me.

        It truly is a shame how much we lose over time. Plus after my stint with ultra-strong antibiotics in 2014, there are enough holes in my memory to call it Swiss Cheese.

        Hope you have a safe and healthy week and don’t work too hard.


      2. She also studied French in high school and liked it. German is a fun language! My teacher in high school was a little nutty (she was an older woman). I’m sorry you didn’t get more than a few years with her, but I’m happy Michael did.

        Agreed. And so many medicines we have to take for one reason or another wreck our already tired brains. 🙂

        Thanks! Things are quieter than usual, but still moving forward, so that’s a good thing., I hope that you and Michael and the kitties are all happy and healthy, too.


  2. I’ve been listening to a lot of music. Working on my next book bit by bit. My plants are getting a lot of attention and I watch a lot of gardening videos. I am not much of a gardener, but I’m interested in it now. I read more light hearted stuff.


    1. Music is my real coping mechanism! Good luck with both your book and the garden. I’m not a very good gardener either, but I keep trying. I’ve been listening to the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson in audio for that reason – they always make me laugh.


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