#SixforSunday: Five Star TBR Reads

#SixforSunday is a fun weekly meme created by Steph at alittlebutalot and you can find the prompts for April, May, and June here.

Okay, so I found this meme by accident and thought it sounded like fun.  Also, a way to maybe try and post more?  Heck, it can’t hurt, right?

This week’s topic is books on my TBR that I think will be five star reads.  Weirdly enough, this topic is both easy and hard at the same time.  Easy because I have a bunch of favorite authors on my shelf, but hard, too, because, well, my TBR is huge.  It’s a bookworm’s life, I suppose.

A Plain Vanilla Murder by Susan Wittig Albert.  I’ve read one other book in this series and enjoyed it a lot.  Hoping that this holds up!

Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski.  I’ve already read The Last Wish and devoured the Netflix series, so I’m eager to get into this next set of short stories soon.

The Killing Floor by Lee Child.  This is the first in the Jack Reacher series and I’ve heard nothing but good things about these books.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  The few people I know who have read this raved about it.  Since my daughter is currently reading it for school, I might get to read it sooner than I thought.

The Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz.  I really enjoyed the two other books I’ve read by her, and the premise of this one sounds really good.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I’ve heard nothing but good things!

Ao Haru Ride Volumes 8 & 9 by Io Sakisaka.  I love this series, even if the kids in it can be idiots at times.  But, well, they’re teenagers so isn’t that a teenager’s job?

Have you read any of these?  What did you think?  Let me know!


12 thoughts on “#SixforSunday: Five Star TBR Reads

  1. I’ve read just about everything by Jayne Ann Krentz. I’ve got the one listed but haven’t read it yet because I’m waiting for the next in the series. I love her work whether under this name, Jayne Castle or Amanda Quick. Her Ghost Hunter books as Jayne Castle – futuristic mysteries.

    My mom enjoys Susan Wittig Albert but I’ve not read her books.

    Hope you enjoy each and every one of these.


    1. Thanks, Robin! Another friend got me hooked on some of her Jayne Castle books and now I’ve moved on to the next pen name! Hahaha.

      The Chyna Bales books are great if you love herbs and gardening. Every chapter starts out with a tidbit about whatever herb is being featured in the novel.

      I’m sure I will – there aren’t many books I’ve met that I haven’t liked. 🙂


      1. Jayne Castle books are one of my go-to series when I need a pick-me-up. Her dust bunnies are just so much fun.

        I may have to give the Chyna Bales books a try. I know my mom has some of them (if not all…lol).

        I wish I could say I haven’t met any books I didn’t like, but there have been a few that just were not my cup of tea at all. Luckily only one of those was a book I had taken for review. I had to turn it back in and let someone else review it. The new reviewer gave it 4.5 so it must have just been me…lol


      2. I think I read Amaryllis and really love it. Have the second in the series and need to read it soon. But knowing you love them so much (which I’m sure I knew?) only gives me more reason.

        They’re nice cozy mysteries. I enjoyed the one I read last year a lot.

        Unfortunately, I agree. I’ve stumbled through some pretty awful ones and then ones that just didn’t click. But that’s the beauty of there being so many books – there’s something for everyone, right?


      3. Amaryllis is part of a 3 book series that she wrote that I’ve read at least half a dozen times (if not more). The other futuristic series is the Harmony or Ghost Hunter series. They take place on a different planet and they have a natural species that humans call Dust Bunnies. I usually read that series just before a new one comes out (every time…lol)

        You’re right – thank goodness there’s something for everyone. I just can’t imagine not reading since there’s so much to choose from.


      4. The friend who got me started on that series said the same thing. It’s one of her all-time favorites and I can see why. Really different and enjoyable. OMG, I’m going to have to look into that other series now.

        Right? Books keep me from going crazy(er), I don’t know what I’d do without them.


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