Friday Five Writing Prompts: January 15, 2021

In addition to the Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge, Long and Short Reviews has added the Friday Five to their arsenal.  Each week, you’ll get a set of five prompts to work into a piece of writing of your choice.  Sound like fun?  You can find the prompts here

Bored, Zayne shifted in his seat.  Moving closer to his partner, he leaned over and whispered, “Why are we here again?”

Andrej glanced at him and frowned.  “This is the department’s annual crisis management seminar,” he reminded Zayne.  “Even if we have not faced any sort of city-wide event in the course of our careers to date, this is still information we need to have.”

Zayne made a disgusted face.  “Why aren’t Rollins and Maxwell here too, then?”

“They are scheduled for tomorrow’s address,” he told him, and not for the first time.  They’d already had this conversation twice in the last week.  “There are too many officers for the city to hold it all at one time.”

“Did we get to choose our days,” Zayne asked.  “Because if we did and you intentionally chose Monday for this, we’re going to have to have a conversation later, Zek.  This is not what you do to your partner on a Monday.”

“No, Zayne, we did not get to choose our days,” Andrej said, exasperated.  “Will you please pay attention now?”

With a sour glance at Andrej, Zayne opened his notebook and started writing.  Andrej watched him for a moment, relieved that Zayne had stopped questioning everything simply because he was bored.  Content, he turned his attention back onto the speaker who was droning on about disasters and the law. 

The speaker was halfway through his presentation when he felt Zayne nudge his arm.  Glancing at Zayne, he saw his partner tap his pen on the notebook.

My brain is melting, he wrote.  Help me.

No, Andrej wrote back.  Pay attention.

But I thought you loved me.  I’m dying here, Zek. 

Andrej smiled.  He is not a very interesting speaker, is he?

Zayne snorted, covering his mouth in embarrassment.  Not even close.  Can we get out of here?  No one will even notice.

He snuck a glance at his watch.  Break in fifteen minutes. 


“I do not know how you manage to talk me into such criminal activities,” Andrej muttered, setting the battered diner menu to the side.   “But today, I believe I ought to thank you.”

“The pleasure is mine,” Zayne replied with a wink.  “But you’re still buying breakfast.”

“You are lucky that I am on the side of the law,” Andrej said, sipping his coffee.  “Otherwise, I may have shot you by now.”

“We’re ten years deep into this partnership, Zek,” Zayne said, catching the waitress’ attention.  “You’re stuck with me now.”

“Till death do us part,” he deadpanned. 

Zayne looked stunned for a moment before he started snickering.  “These are the reasons why I love you,” he said, turning his attention to the waitress.  “Yes, I think we’re ready…”

12 thoughts on “Friday Five Writing Prompts: January 15, 2021

  1. More cops! Are the stories related at all? I had to go back to last week and see if anything was referenced from this week’s.


    1. I absolutely LOVE police procedurals and mystery novels, although I can’t write one to save my life. So… you might see a lot of cops in the future!

      The stories aren’t related, but the characters from last week and this week are all from the same ‘world’, if that makes sense. Thank you for reading though!


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