Friday Five Writing Prompts: January 22, 2021

In addition to the Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge, Long and Short Reviews has added the Friday Five to their arsenal.  Each week, you’ll get a set of five prompts to work into a piece of writing of your choice.  Sound like fun?  You can find the prompts here

I’m shifting gears this week because M~ gave me a hard time about two weeks’ worth of LEO.  So, um, how about a barista today?  Coffeeshop AU anyone?

“Why did I agree to this again,” Dora whined, giving her partner and best friend a long, withering look.

“Because you looooove Halloween,” he reminded her.  “You know, the kids, the costumes, the candy?”

She rolled her eyes and went back to wiping the counter where a sticky handprint had been left by one of their younger patrons.  “Sure, Danny, whatever.”

“Hey,” he said, leaning in conspiratorially, “maybe your hunky mystery man will show up.”

That stopped her in her tracks.  She hadn’t seen Noah in a few days, making her wonder if he’d found somewhere with better coffee.  Or better baristas.  Dora thought she might cry if she found out that the man of her dreams had found another favorite coffee shop. 

“Earth to Dora,” Daniel said, nudging her. “You in there?”

“Yeah,” she said, plastering a smile on her face.  “I was just thinking…”

“About Mr. Studly, I know,” he teased.  “I could see the dazed and confused look on your face that the mere mention of his name often brings.  Go, there’s a customer at the register.”

She made her way back towards the register, trying not to stumble over a box Daniel had left lying on the floor.  Kicking it out of the way, she was shocked to see Noah waiting for her, a big smile on his handsome face.  “Well, hello there,” she said, grabbing a large plastic cup and writing his usual order onto the side.  “I was beginning to think you’d replaced us.”

“I couldn’t ever replace you,” Noah said, winking.  “Or that crackhead barista of yours.  He’s a little…”  He made the universal hand gesture for ‘completely coo-coo’. 

“Yeah, he is,” she agreed, unable to fully articulate the extent of Danny’s nuttiness.  “But he’s an extremely creative barista and an awfully good friend.”

“So at least I know why you keep him around then,” Noah said, handing over more than enough to cover the cost of his coffee.

She looked down at the bills.  “Did you want a pastry, too?  A cornbread muffin or a cookie maybe?”

He shook his head.  “No, but it’s crazy in here tonight,” Noah said, glancing at three young kids dressed as witches, currently scurrying around a giant, fake cauldron.  “And I thought the two of you deserved a bigger tip than usual.  See you in the morning?”

Dora nodded.  “I’ll be here and thank you.”

“Nah,” he said, waving her gratitude aside.  “Thank you.  For the coffee, the conversation, and well, him.”

She looked down the counter and saw Daniel entertaining a couple of the little ones by pretending to be Frankenstein’s Monster.  “Yeah, he’s a treasure.  Sometimes a boobytrapped treasure, but a treasure all the same.  Good night, Noah.”

“Night, Dora.”  He made his way down to the pickup area and leaned on the counter.  “Daniel, stop terrifying the kids and make my drink, would you?”

Daniel glanced her way and grinned.  “Yes, sir.  On it, man.”

Dora shook her head and started wiping down the area around the cash register, preparing to close for the night.  As she straightened a stack of cups, she wondered if there was a reason other than her pastries and Daniel’s barista skills that kept him coming around.  Danny was certain that Noah was interested, but she wasn’t quite convinced.  She risked a glance towards where he’d been a few moments before and found Noah gone.  Well, if he was interested, he wasn’t going to tell her tonight. 

“Oh well,” she muttered.  “Tomorrow’s another day, right, Scarlet?”

8 thoughts on “Friday Five Writing Prompts: January 22, 2021

  1. First… I didn’t give you a hard time… I liked your cops! I just wondered if they were connected. But this is adorable, too. I hope we see more of them!


    1. Thank you! Hahaha – you’re not the first person to tell me that today. Either I’ve been writing too much slash fiction or the reason why this WIP has stalled is because I’m trying to hook Noah up with the wrong person. LOL!


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