Friday Five Writing Prompts: February 5, 2021


I dropped the ball and didn’t get this done yesterday like I’d planned.  So, um, hopefully you find this amusing.  I can be a bit ridiculous at the best of times.

Prompts: oven, cave, brave, painter, list

Text conversation between Zayne Reyes, James Rosewood, and Andrej Zeklos

Zayne: Zek, honey, what’s in the oven?  It’s bubbling, like a damn volcano.

James: Get your head out of the oven, cowboy.  It’s not a cave you go spelunking in you know.

Zayne: As if you know anything about cave diving, gingerbread.

James: It’s on the list, okay?  I bet Andy would go with me.

Zayne: Not likely.

James: You think he’s not brave enough, Reyes?  Because you’re wrong.

Zayne: Has nothing to do with bravery, honey, and everything to do with self-preservation. He’s not going to put himself at risk off the job when he does it all the time on the job.

James: Okay, point to you for once.

Zayne: So what IS in the oven.  Zek?  WHY AREN’T YOU RESPONDING?

James: Maybe he’s busy?

Zayne: It’s Saturday and there’s stuff in the oven. He knows better than to leave me in charge of food.

James:  Now that’s the truth.  Food is not safe in your presence.

Zayne: I’d tell you to shove it, but um, guilty.


James: TURN IT OFF IDIOT.  🙄  Isn’t Andy in the house with you?

Andrej: I am here.  What is all the commotion?  Zayne, are you eating my meatloaf?

Zayne: That’s a meatloaf?  Man, it smells good.

James: I was beginning to think he’d tied you up and shoved you in a closet, Andy.

Andrej: Not this week.

James: Where did you go?  Reyes was losing his mind.

Andrej: I was in my room watching videos on YouTube.  Someone named Bob Ross.  He is fascinating.

James: The painter?  Why?

Zayne: Happy clouds, happy clouds!

Andrej: He has a very soothing manner. It was very relaxing.

Zayne: Are you going to start painting now?

Andrej: I am going to take the meatloaf out of the oven and glaze it.  Or I would if you were not blocking the oven.

Zayne: Oops.

James: Why are you texting if the two of you are in the kitchen together?

Andrej: Because this is what the two of you have brought me to.  Are you coming for dinner, Jay?  It has another ten minutes.

James: I’ll be there in eight.  Bye.

Zayne: I’d better go lock the front door before he gets here.

Andrej: *exits group chat*

4 thoughts on “Friday Five Writing Prompts: February 5, 2021

  1. LOL….. too funny. Love it! Thanks for coming by and re: “… I wanna know why someone painted an abstract of an oven in the first place.”… ME TOO! The fun of being a panster 🙂 Maybe one day somebody will tell me.


    1. Thanks! And anytime – it’s a blast reading what you guys come up with. Hahaha… I feel you on that. I never know where I’m going until I get there.


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