Friday Five Writing Prompts: February 26, 2021


I skipped last week because I was too pressed for time to get anything done. But, I’m back, for better or for worse. Dragging Andy, Zayne, and chaos in my wake.

(The spirit of Zayne was strong with this fic… my Word doc froze before I could save and I almost couldn’t recover it.  Somebody give the boy a beer and a taco, stat!)

“What happened this time,” Dr. Mulholland asked, looking away from Zayne’s battered face and settling on Andrej’s worried one. 

“There was a fight,” Andrej began.

“It was fate,” Zayne said, shaking his head and wincing when he remembered his likely broken nose.  “Ouch.”

“Don’t do that, Reyes,” Carla scolded him.  “Sit still for five minutes if you can manage it.”

“Good advice,” he said, fidgeting on the gurney where he currently sat. 

She looked at Zeklos.  “You were saying?”

“We were in a bar,” he said, “doing a little surveillance at the request of the fire inspector.  We were called to the scene when the firefighters found two bodies in the burned building.”  He sighed and tried to push the memory of the scene from his mind.  “The inspector is certain it was arson; however, he needs more information and was hoping we could help.”

Nodding, Carla motioned towards Zayne.  “And this idiot?”

“Hey,” Zayne protested, if half-heartedly. 

“He was sitting at the bar, observing our suspect when a very large, very burly man accused Zayne of hitting on his girlfriend.”

“She was the bartender,” Zayne added.  “She was not my type, honestly.”

“You have a type, Reyes,” Dr. Mulholland teased.  “I thought you were equal opportunity until you decided to settle down with your partner here.”

Zayne made a face.  “Not my style, Doc,” he said.  “I did have some standards,” he added, attempting to defend his previous Casanova-esque lifestyle.  “Not many but…”

Carla snorted.  “So, I’m going to guess Reyes took offense and the biker beat the hell out of him?”

“He got a couple punches in,” Zayne said, “But Zek came to my rescue.”

The doctor’s gaze flicked down to Andrej’s hands, eyes widening at the scratched, swollen knuckles.  “Zeklos, I am shocked.”

He hid his hands behind his back. “He was twice Zayne’s size and not listening to reason,” he said, explaining. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed you went there, but I’m still shocked.”

“My kind and gentle partner can really lay down the law when he needs to,” Zayne said proudly.

“Is that what happened to you,” she asked, a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Nah,” Zayne said, grinning as best he could.  “He’s a really good cook and that sold me.”

“It is sad, but he is not lying,” Andrej added. 

“So, what do you want me to do,” she asked.

“Fix my face, doc,” Zayne said.  “I think my nose is broken.”

Carla shook her head and looked at Andrej.  “I can’t give him an x-ray, you know that, right?”

“I do,” he agreed. “I was – we were – hoping you could check him out and make sure he’s okay?  I do not want to take him home and put him to bed only to find out he has a concussion.”

Dr. Mulholland eyed Zayne.  “You know, I could probably wire his jaw shut if you wanted.  Might save you some trouble in the future.”

“That’s not nice,” Zayne muttered.  “You need to work on your bedside manner, doc.”

“You forget that I’m the ME, not your GP, Reyes,” she shot back.  “My patients are all dead when they arrive here.  Who needs bedside manner?”

“She has a point, Zayne,” Andrej said.

“I hate you both,” Zayne growled.  “But do you think my nose is broken?”

Carla leaned in and touched Zayne’s face gingerly a couple times before snapping his nose back into place.

“Ouch,” he yelped.  “That hurt.”

“It was supposed to hurt,” she said.  “Maybe you’ll think twice before annoying someone twice your size next time.”

“He started it.”

“I don’t care, Reyes,” she said, not having any of his childish nonsense.  “You’re a grown up with a badge, act like it.”  She hesitated before patting him on the shoulder.  “Your nose will be a little swollen for a couple days and your eyes are already starting to blacken, but you should be fine by the weekend.  Just try not to get your pretty face smashed in again anytime soon, okay?”

Zayne probed the area around his noes with his fingers.  “Thank you,” he said, sliding off the gurney. “I guess I don’t get a sucker?”  He ducked as she swatted at him on his way past. 

“Take him home and don’t bring him back, Zeklos,” she called after them.

“He will be okay, yes?”

She nodded.  “No signs of concussion or anything other than his usual bravado.  How did someone as smart as you get involved with someone like him?”

Andrej looked out into the lobby area of the medical examiner’s office and sighed.  Zayne had his back to them and was talking on his phone. 

“Okay,” Carla said, sighing along with Andrej. “Scratch that.  He is one fine – if annoying – man.  Good luck, honey.”

“I am going to need it,” Andrej muttered, leaving the doctor behind to collect his boyfriend and take him home. 

11 thoughts on “Friday Five Writing Prompts: February 26, 2021

  1. They’re back!!! Yay! I can understand being too busy. I was swamped this week, so glad to read others writing. I like learning more about Zayne and Andrej each week. Please write this novel.


    1. Yeah, unfortunately the stuff that pays the bills had to come first. Thank you so much – I love these idiots, so it makes me happy to hear that you do, too.


  2. I was honestly shocked you didn’t participate last week… the words felt made for you (like “impound” and “partner”). But I understand 🙂

    I love the flow between these two. Your writing is so easy and breezy. Love it! Glad they’re back.


    1. HAH! Our company is going through some overhauling as two of the brothers are retiring and last week was… a week. But thank you. I’ll have to go back and work up something for last week now, just because you said it.

      Thank you so much – and that makes me happy. While I wish my style was ‘prettier’ for lack of a better word, I love ‘easy and breezy’ too!


    1. Thank you so much! And it never gets old, kinda like when people tell you that your kids are cute. 😀 I appreciate this though, and good to know I was missed!


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