Friday Five Writing Prompts: April 9, 2021


This week’s words were: hell, railroad, chief, abridge, past.

“The captain would like to see you two,” Hilary said the moment she spotted Andrej entering the bullpen.  “Don’t know why, and I was afraid to ask.  When the chief calls, you answer.”

With a sigh, Andrej set his messenger bag on his desk.  “It is not work asking about anyway,” he said.  “Sometimes you are better off not knowing.”

“That is the truth,” Trish said, parking her butt on Zayne’s desk.  “Are you going to wait for Zayne to arrive first?”

He looked at Hilary, hoping she could answer the question for him.

She shrugged.  “Cap said he wanted to see you both but,” Hilary said, looking over towards the entrance, “you and I both know that if Zayne arrives after you go in, he’ll sit out here and wait for you.”

“He has been on his best behavior lately,” Andrej said, making a face.  Mentally, he tracked back over everything they’d said and done for the last several weeks and came up empty.  He couldn’t figure out what either of them might have done to warrant a chat with the captain.  “Did Amherst give you any indication of why he wanted to talk to us?”

“Only a very abridged version,” Hilary said.  “One of those ‘I’m mad and it’s none of your business’ kind of things.”

“I see,” Andrej said, although he really didn’t.

In the past, Zayne had been a handful, causing everyone in the department – and sometimes the rest of the force – to have to deal with the fallout of his idiotic and impulsive actions.   Somehow, Andrej had managed to succeed where no one else had and reigned Zayne’s ‘come hell or high water’ attitude in.  Zayne said it was because he liked and respected Andrej.  Trish had held firm on the belief that Zayne only behaved because Andrej fed him.  He still wasn’t sure why it had happened, but he wasn’t going to argue his results either.

“Uh-oh.”  Zayne sat on the piece of desk not occupied by Trish’s backside.  “What have I done now?”

“That’s the question, Reyes,” Trish said.  “Any theories on what your partner’s about to get railroaded over?”

Zayne narrowed his eyes at her.

“Zayne,” Andrej said, distracting the Texan before he could rile up the redhead.  “The captain has requested our presence in his office.  However, none of us know why yet.  I was waiting for you before I went to find out.”

“Okay,” Zayne said with a disgusted sigh.  “Let’s go.”  He slid off the desk and motioned Andrej towards the captain’s office.

Andrej gave him a look but resisted the urge to insist Zayne lead.  It would only start an argument; one they had no time to have.  Saving that discussion for later, he moved in the direction of their waiting captain.

“I was beginning to wonder if you two were avoiding me,” Captain Amherst said when they finally entered his office.  “Sit.”

“What is this about,” Andrej asked, worried that maybe one of them had inadvertently done something to get them both into trouble.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

“Your last case,” the captain said, leaning his arms on the desk and watching them closely.  “There’s been a complaint.”

(To be continued.)

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