Review: Behind the Lie by Emilya Naymark

cover230931-mediumA transplant to the upstate New York hamlet of Sylvan, all Laney wants is a peaceful life for herself and her son. But things rarely remain calm in Laney’s life–and when her neighborhood summer block party explodes in shocking violence and ends with her friend’s disappearance, she’ll need all her skills as a PI to solve a mystery that reaches far beyond her small town.

As people closest to Laney fall under suspicion, the local authorities and even her colleagues question her own complicity. And then there’s fifteen-year-old Alfie, her complicated and enigmatic son, obviously hiding something. Even as Laney struggles to bury evidence of her boy’s involvement, his cagey behavior rings every maternal alarm.

Laney’s personal life unravels as she’s drawn into her missing friend’s dark secrets and she realizes she and Alfie are in danger. With treachery blazing hot as the searing summer sun, Laney fights to save lives, her family’s included.

Behind the Lie was an intense roller coaster of emotions and actions.  Laney’s life both as a private investigator and as a single mother collide and intertwine and she often can’t figure out how to unwind the two.  However, it does a lot to show you Laney’s character in how she balances work, a moody teen, and all of her baggage.  It’s not always easy for her, and she sometimes makes the wrong choice, but I was rooting for her throughout it all.

There is so much going on in this book, cases Laney’s working, what Holly’s doing, Alfie’s past, etc., that to see it all come together so smoothly in the end blew me away.  The author did an amazing job of tying it all together and giving us a bit of a hint at a future.  I was also surprised to realize that this is the second book in the series, so I immediately hunted out and purchased the first so I can find out what the heck happened with that poor boy of Laney’s.

This twisty and fast-paced mystery was exactly what I needed.  While I’m anxious to dive into the previous book, I’m also hoping that there will be more of Laney, Alfie, and the rest soon.


*Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an advanced copy of this novel.

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