Review: Ghost Files: The Collected Cases from Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson 

41-ZsgezK2L._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_In this hair-raising omnibus, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.), reveal the memorable and spine-tingling cases featured in their smash-hit collections, Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits. From their never-seen-on-television adventures as budding paranormal investigators to the behind-the-scenes accounts of heart-pounding supernatural encounters featured on their popular show, these fascinating and frightening real life tales will keep you up at night!


So, this is not the kind of book I’d normally buy for myself.  However, a good friend is big fans of theirs and thought I might enjoy this.  So, randomly, one day back in January, I got a package from Hobbes and Marilyn – my friend’s cats.  Inside, was this book.

I’m not one hundred percent sure I believe in this kind of thing.  However, in the two and a half years since my husband passed away, my kids and I have had a few, odd experiences, so I’m not one hundred percent sure I don’t believe either.  Which is why this book was perfect for me.

The first thing I noticed about these guys, having never seen their shows, is that they go into each investigation with the intent to debunk anything paranormal.  Which honestly took me by surprise because you’d assume they’d want to do the opposite, right?  The second thing that caught my attention is that they’re plumbers, which I found to be very random, despite the fact I work for a plumber myself.

Each case is presented in a succinct fashion, hitting the highlights of the case, their thoughts, their findings, and often a bit of a lookback after.  They do a great job of explaining their methods, their equipment, and how they go about doing what they do.  Overall, it was an interesting look at  ghost hunting.  Oh, and let’s not forget the creepy pictures that are included.  You can’t have a book without some kind of proof, right?  

Whether you believe or not, it’s definitely an intriguing read.  


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