Review: The Geeky Chef Drinks by Cassandra Reeder


I love to cook.  It’s not just something I have to do because the kids demand to be fed, it’s something I do because I enjoy it.  There’s nothing more satisfying – for me – than creating a meal that not only fills the bellies of those that I love, but also makes them happy.  Food is love, right?

Well, man can’t live on carrots and roast beef alone.  Sometimes you want to be an adult.  Other times, you need to be a geeky adult.

Which is where this cookbook comes into play. Continue reading “Review: The Geeky Chef Drinks by Cassandra Reeder”

Review: Build-A-Bowl by Nicki Sizemore


Bowls are an excellent and easy dinner – full of protein, carbs, veggies, and all the things you need to fuel your body properly.  Even better is that each family member can customize them to their own specifications.  I don’t know about you, but my family is picky.  One kid is a vegetarian, the other kid is lactose intolerant, and my husband has his own dietary needs.  As you can see, meal planning at my house can be tough.  That’s why this cookbook is such a great find. Continue reading “Review: Build-A-Bowl by Nicki Sizemore”

Review: Taco Tuesday Cookbook by Laura Fuentes


Who doesn’t love a good taco?  I’m sure there are some out there, and that’s cool because it means more tacos for me, right?  But if you are like me and are a taco lover, then this cookbook is for you.

I’ll admit, I was kind of curious how someone could write an entire cookbook on tacos without overlapping or becoming repetitive.  The Taco Tuesday Cookbook did not disappoint! Continue reading “Review: Taco Tuesday Cookbook by Laura Fuentes”

Review: Buddha Bowls: 100 Nourishing One-Bowl Meals

cover141734-mediumIn case you’ve never had a buddha bowl, what they are is this: a well-balanced mix of proteins, carbs, and vegetables served in one bowl.  You start with a base of grains like quinoa or rice, then you add a protein, veggies, and a sauce or broth to give you a complete meal.  They’re actually very popular in my house.  I have one kid who is vegetarian and another that is willing to try anything. Continue reading “Review: Buddha Bowls: 100 Nourishing One-Bowl Meals”