Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge April 22, 2020


The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: my silliest pet peeves.

First of all, happy Earth Day!  Do something good for the planet today if you can.  And then continue doing something good for the planet every day after that.

Okay, off the soapbox.  I initially wasn’t going to participate today because well, honestly, I’ve been in a mood lately and nearly every darn thing annoys the heck out of me.  I was afraid this post would turn into a rant and therefore wanted to stay away.  But, I need a distraction (see above re: my mood), so here we go.

People who call you but continue to talk to someone else after you’ve answered.  I work in construction so this happens to me several times daily.  I’ll sit there and wait while my boss continues to yammer on to whomever he’s on the jobsite with.

When my kids put the utensils in the wrong drawers.  I have two drawers for assorted utensils (whisks, measuring cups, that kind of thing) and while none of this stuff has an actual spot, I do have specific drawers I tend to put things into.  It’s not a big deal if I have to go to the second drawer to find something that should have been in the first but… it still annoys me.

This is literally a PET peeve… when I get up to use the bathroom or refill my cup and return to find my chair full of cat.

2020-03-26 18.42.30.jpg

But I mean… I’ll get over it, I guess.

So, hopefully these weren’t too heavy for you on this beautiful Wednesday morning.  What’s on your list this week?  What kind of silly things annoy the heck out of you?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge April 22, 2020

  1. I dislike phone calls like that, too. Phone conversations are stressful enough for me as it is. (I have some phone anxiety). So hearing another conversation just makes it worse.

    My post.


    1. Right? And having to WAIT when you called ME is too much. I hear you on the phone anxiety though. The advent of email made my job so much less stressful.


  2. I find that cell phones are great cameras and computers, but most are not very good phones. Um,,huh? I still have a flip-phone, and I don’t do anything other than phone calls and texts with it. Occasionally I take a picture, but it’s so tiny everyone tries to use their fingers to make it bigger, and I have to remind them it’s not a touch-screen. LOL. But it’s great for phone calls, the sound is clear, and I can be understood,. When people call me and there are gaps in their speaking, or other kinds of glitches, I long for the old days, when the phones were wired into your house, and you could have a clear conversation easily.


    1. I totally agree with you which is probably why no one calls anyone these days. But the issue I deal with are the men I work with thinking that I ought to wait for them to finish a conversation they should have ended before dialing. LOL


  3. I can agree with your pet peeves! I see most others have concentrated on the phone one. I, too, find it irritating when someone does that (which is often), but the PET peeve hit closer to home with me. Every single time I get up to do something, I come back to find my place taken. Hubby says its because its already warm but I think they do it because they know it irritates me! And, that I won’t do anything about it. LOL


    1. What do you know, WordPress didn’t moderate you this time! Hahaha, congrats!

      Yes, the phone thing is annoying, but the cats, lord, the cats! They do it to my girls, too, so at least it isn’t just me. But I think it’s a combination of the two – they know it’s warm and it’ll annoy us so double bonus! Ah, the number of times I’ve sat on a corner of my chair cushion because I’m not ready to take my life into my own hands by trying to move a feline… 🙂

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  4. Not being moderated must mean that “I’m a real boy” now! lol

    Sharing a chair with a cat is definitely a trying experience. Not much better when they try to share a bed. 🙂


    1. You are officially real!

      I won’t even tell you how often I give up and sit on the footstool. LOL Oh man, especially when they’re a big cat. Nayla liked to lay between Troy and I and stretch out. Not enough room, furball.

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  5. This is a great list! And we all need to rant at times, especially with the world so weird lately. What better way than with a few other pet peeve ranting friends. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my post and thanks for sharing today! (And I totally forgot today is Earth Day! Our town normally has a Greening Up the Mountains event during this week, but it of course is cancelled this year.)


    1. Thank you! And no kidding. If I don’t vent, I’m going to explode, and that won’t be pretty. No problem, I enjoy blog hopping every Wednesday. 🙂 Aw, that’s a bummer it had to be cancelled, hopefully your town can do something later when it’s safer to be out and about.

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    1. Aw, I’m so glad! That’s my year-old Maine Coon kitten, Violet. She serves up the laughs and smiles when we need them at home, I’m thrilled she could do the same for you.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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