Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: January 6, 2021

The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: my goals for 2021.

I’m not one for resolutions, but goals I can handle.  Why?  Because goals are something to aim for rather than something you’re held to accomplishing.  Does that make sense?

My reading goals for 2021 are simple.  First, I want to hit my Goodreads Challenge Goal of 100 books.  I managed 108 last year, so that shouldn’t be an issue.  Second, I want to read at least one print book a month since I have so many piling up around the house.  I think that’s obtainable, too. 

I’m aiming to be more active.  I did pretty good for most of 2020 with my Peloton and all the classes that come with it outside of the bike.  But I fell off big time in November, due to some personal issues.  

I’m hoping to garden more as well, since I’ve already got some small things going at the moment.  My eggplant is doing well, as are my herbs.  In October, I planted garlic, but who the heck knows what’s going on with that.  Did you know it takes nine months for garlic to grow?  NINE.  MONTHS. So, I won’t even know until springtime whether it was a wasted effort or not.  But it’s okay, because I had the joy of planting Transylvanian garlic while listening to the audiobook of Dracula.  Yes, yes, I did that on purpose because I’m an epic dork.

Lastly, I hope to participate in more memes and regular blogging.  This past year was a rough one for me, even before COVID-19 became an issue, so doing the simple things, the things that I’d always done and had had fun with fell by the wayside.  I’m hoping that 2021 leads to better things for me.  To quote Gary Allan, “I can’t say that I’m doing great but I think I’m getting well.”  What more can I ask for?

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: January 6, 2021

    1. Thank you! I know, right? I guess the upside is that you plant it in Oct/Nov so it can grow over the winter. At least that helps so you’re not waiting for it to sprout! Thank you though!


  1. Haha! I’m laughing about your garlic. I recall planting my first bulbs in early October and had to wait until mid JUNE to harvest! After three years of successful plantings, I decided not to grow any last year. I’m rethinking my entire garden for 2021. Wishing you all the best this year! 🙂


    1. I’m telling you! It’s crazy. No wonder vampires were so rampant in Romania! Hahaha.

      Hope you have a great harvest with your revamped garden. 🙂


  2. I’m thinking of planting a vegetable garden this year. Planting flower gardens last year helped pass the time. Have a good year.


  3. I’m digging (pardon that) the idea of Transylvanian garlic, possibly because I’m an epic dork as well. And I’m definitely with you on the resolutions vs. goals thing. My list is pretty modest, but it gives me something to aim for. Good luck!


    1. I’m so glad someone else loves that idea! I had a few cloves that I had no room to plant, so I used it in my pasta and man, it’s strong and tasty!

      Exactly – I think that’s the key thing in creating these lists. Find things that are attainable and important. Otherwise, you’ll throw your hands up in a month and forget you ever made them.


  4. More active for sure. I’ve gained weight, and I hate it. And killing some more plants. Because aside from Big Al, that’s what I do, lol.


    1. No doubt! Somehow, I managed to maintain and not gain anything, but I needed to shed a few long before now. LOL

      You and me both. Although, the plant that Troy’s boss sent after his transplant in April 2019 is still alive. Barely, but it’s still alive.


  5. Happy New Year!!
    I hope you keep blogging. I love your posts and suggestions.
    I had no idea it took 9 months to grow garlic!


    1. Happy New Year!

      I will! I just hope I can do it more because I slacked a lot last year. 🙂 Thank you – it’s good to know someone’s enjoying this nonsense. 🙂

      Tell me about it. I didn’t know either until after I ordered it. Oops! On the bright side, you plant it in the fall so it’s ready by spring. Hahaha.


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