Friday Five Writing Prompts: May 28, 2021


This week’s prompts are: resource, food, extinct, address, and tumor.

“I regret everything,” Zayne groaned.

James looked down at where the cowboy was sprawled on the sofa, one arm flung over his eyes, the other wrapped around his middle.

“What did you eat this time, Reyes,” he asked.  James pressed the back of his hand to Zayne’s forehead.  No fever at least.

“Why does it always have to be something I ate, gingerbread?”

“It’s either food or alcohol,” James reminded him.  “Plus, the fact you call me gingerbread is enough to prove that your mind is always on your next meal.”

“Can’t argue with that I guess,” Zayne conceded.  “But maybe this time I didn’t eat the leftover Thai that should have been tossed two days ago, okay?  Maybe I have an ulcer or a tumor or –”

“Or you’re just a drama queen with a belly ache?”

“Is the sympathy gene extinct in redheads or something,” Zayne asked.  He rubbed a hand over his face, yawning.  “Trish always reacts in just about the same manner.”

“Nope,” James said, grinning just a little too broadly.  “We just see through your baloney better than others.

“Like me, I am guessing?”  Andrej had appeared out of nowhere, his voice startling both James and Zayne.

“I’d never suggest,” James began.

“You do not have to,” Andrej said, cutting him off before he could get started.

“So, what’s his malfunction,” James asked, trying to change the subject a bit.  Sitting in the recliner that Zayne usually claimed for himself, he picked up a magazine that was on the end table beside it.

“I do not know,” Andrej said.  “He has been this way all afternoon.”

“Did you know that your address isn’t right on this magazine,” James asked.

“That would be because it is Hilary’s and not mine,” Andrej said.  “I have no use for Cosmo.”

Embarrassed, James tossed the magazine back onto the table.  “Why on earth did she bring you a copy of Cosmo?”

Andrej shrugged.  He bent over to check on Zayne and noticed he’d fallen asleep.  Taking the afghan off the back of the couch, he covered his boyfriend up.  “She said it was an excellent resource for um, ‘certain things’.”

James laughed.  “They live to embarrass you, don’t they,” he asked, meaning both Hilary and Trish.

“I am beginning to believe that it is everyone’s goal these days.”  He shook his head and looked at Zayne.  “However, he is sleeping so that is a good sign.”

“Because he’s no longer whining?”  James grinned.

“Do you not have somewhere to be,” Andrej asked, sounding halfway serious.

“Nah, but I probably ought to hit the grocery store, or I won’t have dinner tonight,” James said, hauling himself out of the recliner.  “Let me know if you need any help with this one,” he said, waving a hand at Zayne.

“He will be fine,” Andrej said.  “He can sleep fine on the couch.”

With a chuckle, James left.

Hands on his hips, Andrej watched Zayne.  One eye cracked open as if he could feel the force of Andrej’s stare.


“Why are you sleeping on the couch, acting like you are ill?  I heard you tell Jay that you regret everything?”

“Yeah, well,” Zayne said, sitting up and swinging his feet onto the floor.  “I regret telling you I’d mow the lawn.  It’s a hundred degrees out there.”

Andrej frowned.  “I did not ask, you volunteered.”

“Which is why I regret everything,” he laughed.  “However, I will have you know, I never told Rosewood I didn’t feel good, that was all him.”

“Yes, well, you are very skilled in the art of putting ideas in other people’s heads,” Andrej muttered.  “I have to go to the store for a few things as I am out of laundry soap.”  He looked meaningfully towards the back yard.

“Guess you’re immune to my powers,” he teased.  “Since I don’t seem to be getting out of yardwork.”

“I promised you dinner and you promised to mow,” Andrej reminded him.  “I also did not call you out on your lies while Jay was here.  That ought to count for something.  Now go.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Zayne singsonged as he dragged himself off the couch.

“I will even pick up dessert,” Andrej promised.  That got Zayne moving.

“I’ll be done by the time you get back,” he called, heading into the garage for the mower.

“It works every time.”

4 thoughts on “Friday Five Writing Prompts: May 28, 2021

  1. You have these guys down pat… love them! Sorry I couldn’t participate today… my site was hacked and my hosting provider suspended me until I can remove the malicious content. Ugh.


    1. Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that they’re so well-liked and that I seem to have a good grasp on their wacko personalities.

      Oh geeze, I bet you’ll be happy to see this month end with everything that keeps happening. Hoping you can get it all resolved quickly and painlessly!


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