Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge August 12, 2020


The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: what I wanted to do when I grew up vs. what I actually do.

My career path goals took some twists and turns as I grew up.

First, I wanted to be a teacher.  Then I realized I wasn’t very good at explaining things to people.

Next, I wanted to be a translator for the UN.  My mother wrecked that for me by putting so much pressure on me in regards to how much money I’d make.

Later, I thought being a psychologist was what I wanted to do.  And it was a great fit, but so many years of school, plus more pressure from my mother made me rethink it all.

I came to the conclusion that I ought to do something that I enjoy and am good at, so I switched majors and chose a more culinary-focused path.  My counselor suggested restaurant management so I wasn’t stuck in the kitchen when I was 80.  Made sense.

Then, I ran out of money and had to bail.  I still regret this, but I lucked into a good job that pays well, has a relaxed atmosphere, and really suits me.

So, what do I do now?  I’m a receptionist/secretary/project assistant/human resources manager/accounts payable/gal Friday for a construction plumber.  We’re a small, family-owned business so I have a whole pile of hats that I wear on any given day.  Some fit better than others, but I wear them all.

Although things can get dicey here at times (I’m literally the only woman in the entire company as well as the only person who didn’t start out as a plumber), but I do love my job.  I joke about having 50 children because at any time I can be holding the hand of three or four of our guys (metaphorically), but it’s also what I’m good at.  Taking care of things for other people.  Heaven only knows, my boss wouldn’t ever make it to a meeting on time if it wasn’t for me.

I do still have dreams, but for the moment, I’m content where I am.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge August 12, 2020

  1. Re: My mother wrecked that for me by putting so much pressure on me in regards to how much money I’d make. — this is what happened to my kid (only it wasn’t me, it was my husband and his entire family). She had dreams, but none would pay the rent well, so she opted out. And I hate to think of her being sad she didn’t pursue them one day. I know *I* am sad I didn’t do what I wanted originally (but was talked out of because it wasn’t practical). Hey kids! Follow your dreams!


    1. I’m so sorry that happened to her. You have to let your kids make their own choices if you want them to be happy. My mom kept telling me that once I got my doctorate I could treat her to the lifestyle she wanted to become accustomed to and yeah, no. I love you, mom, but no. LOL!

      I think we got lucky, too, in finding things that make us happy, even if they do make us nuts at times. Hoping that your daughter has found something that she loves, too.


  2. I find your job really interesting. You’ve mentioned it a few times and I always wonder what it is like. I think a lot of us succumb to parental pressure and money realities.


    1. Thanks! I’m pretty much a glorified secretary, but it has its moments and I’m rarely ever bored. 🙂

      Unfortunately, you are too right about that last part. I never did manage to become what my mom expected, but I’m happy. 🙂


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