Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge November 4, 2020


The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: favorite songs or musicians.

Well, this ought to be interesting since my musical tastes run the gambit. Let’s start with what I’m currently listening to now.

witcher31// husband loved these games.  When The Witcher III: Wild Hunt came out he, of course, purchased the deluxe edition of the game which, strangely enough, came with two music CDs.  One was music from the actual game and the other was music inspired by it.  

For some reason that I never figured out, he gave both CDs to me.  On a whim, I popped them into my truck’s stereo one day and immediately fell in love.  The music inspired by The Witcher is a bit harder than I usually listen to, however it made for great driving music.  The music from the game, however, is amazing.  I actually found a playlist on Spotify called The Witcher Relax which is all the more mellow music from the three games in one playlist.  It’s great office music and I love to pull it up on those exceptionally stressful days.  

When I’m not listening to video game soundtracks (and god, does that sound as nerdy as I think it does?), I’m mostly listening to country music.  Some of my favorite artists are old school – Brooks & Dunn, Reba, Randy Travis, but I love some of the newer artists, too.  One particular favorite is Morgan Wallen.  Despite the fact he appears to be a grade A idiot, he’s got an amazing voice.  

When I started using Duolingo to learn Romanian, I looked up Romanian music on Spotify.  No, this post is not sponsored by Spotify, but it is my go-to program for listening to music.  It has nearly everything I care to listen to and then things I never thought to listen to, like um, Romanian pop music.  Enter Smiley Omul.  

I stumbled across him while searching for random Romanian music one day and I can’t lie, I love him now, even if I don’t understand half of what he’s saying.  Pe unde îți umblă inima translates to Where Your Heart Goes and I encourage you to give it a listen even if you don’t understand any of it.  Este atât de bine!

Okay, so this is getting long, and I probably ought to wrap it up now.  One of my all-time favorites is one that often surprises people, especially once they hear my go-to genre is country.  But guys, I love Alice Cooper.  I’m not sure if it’s because I was young and impressionable in the 70’s or if it’s because I’ve always had a grittier streak that no one knew about.  Either way, I can’t get enough of his music.  Even convinced my husband to go see him in concert years ago when he was here touring with Dokken, Winger, and some other group that I’m forgetting.  One of my favorites of his is this:

I could go on, and I intentionally left out Weird Al because I don’t want anyone to hate me. Hahaha.  But hopefully you found something here that you like.  In the end, listen to what makes you happy and if someone else thinks it’s lame, they can pound sand.  Trust me, I spent my entire high school years defending my love of hair bands and country music, often at the same time.  

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge November 4, 2020

    1. I actually love Megadeth’s cover of No More Mr. Nice Guy! Yes – School’s Out is a favorite, too. I wanted to link to my actual favorite – Roses on White Lace – but it wasn’t something he released. *sigh*

      ANYWAY… 🙂

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  1. Chaotic, but fun! Love the mix – and Romanian? Why Romanian? (I mean, I approve unreservedly, it just seems like an unusual choice of languages to learn.) I’ve been listening to an English-language album from a Croatian band called Jas Frank and the Intoits lately, which I rather enjoy.


    1. Hah, thanks! I don’t even know – I just know that I’m fascinated with the country and want to visit some day. (And that fascination may or may not have anything to do with obsession with vampires…) So, I thought that I’d learn the language for fun.

      World music can be so fun – I’ll look into them, thanks. And as an aside, my older girl wants to visit Croatia. 🙂


  2. I used to play “School’s Out” for my kids every June, after they came home from their last day of school–we’d ride in my Suburban with all of the windows open, and scream out the words! I played “I’m Eighteen” for them when they turned that age. As for the Romanian music, one of my more eclectic sons is into Gogol Bordello–I told him they sound like gypsies on crack! He also likes Man Man. As for video game music, I used to let my kids put whatever they were listening to only my IPod. (I still have a flip phone, so no music on that.) But years ago my oldest put some stuff on that I just didn’t enjoy and I told him I wanted it off. He laughed and said, “Mom, dub-step is video gaming music.” ARGH! I used to yell at them from the other room, asking them to turn down that crappy soundtrack, while they’d play video games endlessly. I hated all of those catchy “ditties”. That’s why he put it onto my IPod. Jerk! LOL.


    1. Hah! My husband and I had a tradition of playing “School’s Out’ on the last day of school, too. Oh, funny – I’ll have to look into Gogol Bordello just because now. Some of that video game music can get annoying, but some of them have actual scored soundtracks and can be really amazing. But yeah, you know your kids were trying to make you crazy. LOL


    1. Thank you! And Reba is amazing! I got to see her perform live back in the 90’s when she was touring with Rhett Akins and I think Tracy Byrd. Her mid-song costume changes were awe-inspiring! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I met Weird Al (he opened for a Monkees concert when they toured in the 90s — yeah I’m old). My friend and I won tickets to a “pool party” with the Monkees and him. They were okay, but Weird Al and I actually carried on a conversation of some length. SUPER nice guy. So … I wouldn’t have hated you.

    I didn’t play this week… it’s been a difficult one this far (starting with the weekend), but thought I’d come visit anyway 🙂


    1. I’m totally jealous! I’ve loved him since the 80’s when I was a kid. LOL He’s always come off as really down to earth and normal, despite his songs.

      Thanks for stopping by though! I hope your week gets better for you. ❤


  4. You went to an Alice Cooper concert? You are hard core.
    Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” is a classic, and better than the Chamillionaire original.


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