Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: March 31, 2021


The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is hosted by Long and Short Reviews.  This week’s topic is: TV shows I binge watched.

I’m not a big TV person, but I do like to watch things while I make my breakfast and pack my lunch in the mornings, while I’m cooking dinner at night, or to make getting the laundry folded a little less painful.  My problem is that if I watch more than a season of a show at a time, I get bored and never go back to it.  There have been a couple exceptions.

The first show I ever binged was Supernatural.  My husband had been watching it from the start and even though I’d caught an episode here and there, I never really got invested.  However, he watched two episodes back to back one night and suddenly I needed to watch it.  He encouraged me to start it on Netflix while he waited for the new season.  Problem was, that the new season was going to be number eight.  So, um, yeah, I managed to get through seven seasons of Dean, Sam, and eventually Castiel in about 2 months.

really - dean//

Yeah, Dean, really.

The next was a show called Chicago Fire.  I started watching it randomly and got sucked in from the start.  Then, for some reason, my husband stopped recording it and we stopped watching it.  Which caused me to pick it up again last year.  I’ve managed to get through three seasons before I needed a breather.  But ah, Severide…

i'm done//

This last one is different in that it only has one season so far: The Witcher.  My husband was deep in whatever it was he’d been suffering with that December and, since he couldn’t do much else, suggested we watch an episode.  He’d been a huge fan of the games (especially Witcher III: Wild Hunt), and I had started reading the books, so we were both prepared.  We finished the first episode, I looked over at him to ask what he thought and before I could ask, he said, “Want to watch another?”  That Saturday, we went through six of the eight episodes.  It was also the last thing he and I watched together because I had to take him to the ER the next day.  But I’m happy and thankful we got to spend that time together. I’ll never forget what he said the first time Jaskier appeared on screen.  “Oh god, I hate that bard.  He’s SO annoying n the games!” HAH!  (FWIW, Jaskier’s one of my favorite characters.)


Okay, sorry – I didn’t mean to get maudlin on you there.   But I cannot wait for season 2 and I can guarantee you, I’ll likely watch the whole season in a weekend if I can.

And now…


(That last one’s for you, M.)

20 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: March 31, 2021

  1. Wow, you got through Supernatural quickly!

    Thank you for sharing your memories of watching The Witcher with your husband.


  2. Wait, wait, wait… is your husband no longer with you? I think I’m going to cry!! But I don’t want to make you cry! It seems silly to even comment now, but thanks for being brave and sharing. We tried Supernatural but just didn’t get into it.Blaspheme – I know!! 😉


    1. Unfortunately, he passed away on New Year’s Eve 2019. He’d been sick for close to a month at that point. And don’t worry about it – like I told Patrick, it’s a good memory I have of us together at the time. ❤ Thank you so much for your kind words though.

      Supernatural is one of those shows that's definitely not for everyone. So, no hard feelings there! Thanks for visiting.


  3. Boo!!! ❤ that boy…

    Re: Supernatural … I "watched" most of it when my kid was binging. I listened to I don't know how many seasons of it and would pop in if something really caught my attention. She stopped around season 8, though, so …

    I was thinking of watching Chicago Fire (and the other ones in the same universe) because I love those types of shows (I've seen all of 911 and 911 Lonestar), but I can't find a streaming service that has it starting with season one. Maybe someday.

    Re: The Witcher and your husband — honestly, that's a really incredible memory for you. I'm glad you have it.


    1. I knew you’d appreciate Cody. 😀

      She’s smarter than I am, it rather went downhill in the latter seasons. But I stuck with it to the bitter end. Hah!

      The Chicago series are all on Peacock, I think. I get it free with my cable though. Oh, I love 911 and Lonestar both! Even when they get utterly ridiculous. 😀

      Thank you, I am, too.


    1. It was a great binge show, honestly! But thank you – he’d always loved the games and I fell in love with the novels, so it was a win-win for us. 🙂


  4. I haven’t watch Witcher, but I’d love to watch that one some day. I only know it’s based on a game, and I’ve seen the trailers, which had some great visuals. I am glad you got to watch it with your husband, hope you can always go back to it and remember the good times. Thanks for sharing your precious memories with us.
    ~ Lex


  5. All of those are on my “I should watch…” list, especially Witcher (which is right up there with The Mandalorian on my much-smaller “one of these days” list). I’m sorry that… yeah. Sorry. Not sure how else to say that.


    1. The nice thing about some of these shows created by Netflix, etc. is that they’re only 8-10 episodes, which make them easier to get through. Aw, thank you. I appreciate the thought, no matter how it comes out. 🙂


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