Review: Not Your Idol Volume 2 by Aoi Makino

cover199650-medium “This is exactly why she got herself stabbed by a fan.”

Heartbroken Nina Kamiyama is a former idol. She’s decided to live her life by keeping her past identity a secret, but her situation intensifies when another discovers who she really is. Who can she trust?


The first volume of this series really hooked me.  I love a good mystery and one involving a stalker of sorts only intrigues me more.  The story does a deeper dive into Nina’s past and why she left the group at the height of her popularity.  Also, I enjoy that this manga is a bit darker than the ones I usually read.  Although, I love something light and fluffy, I do also enjoy something a bit grittier at times.  

This second volume left me with some mixed feelings.  The writing is excellent as is the artwork, however, the story takes a turn at the end that I’m not sure was necessary.  Possibly, it’ll come into play in the next few volumes and I hope that that’s truth.  Otherwise, using that event as a way to make another character feel badly is not a good look.  However, I will reserve my judgement on that until I’ve read a few more volumes.

The relationship that’s beginning to form between Nina and Hikaru is really nice.  They’re both starting to open up to one another a bit, trusting where neither was able to before.  It was also a lot of fun meeting the other girls that are a part of the group Nina left.  I’m a big fan of large friend groups in stories, so this made me very happy to see.  I hope they pop up more in the subsequent volumes.

The search for Nina’s attacker kicks up in this volume, giving us a clue as to how we can identify them later on.  I was glad to see that they ruled out Hikaru finally since I like seeing him and Nina together.  They can learn a lot about coping and moving on from each other, while leaning on each other as well.

Overall, I think this second installment is better than the first, digging deeper into the backstory of the characters and giving us questions in regard to some others.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.


*Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for a copy of this manga in exchange for a fair review.  

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