Review: Reese by Lori Handeland


I picked this book up on a whim with three main things making me hit that one-click-buy button.

1. It was free.  Always a good thing, right?

2. It has an old west theme.  Double bonus for me.

3. The blurb likened it to The Magnificent 7.  Color me sold.

Reese really did start off like Mag 7 with Mary McKendrick traveling to find Reese, a hired gun, to help save her town from bandits.  And then Reese gathered his men and came to town.  That’s pretty much where the stories diverged.  Although there were other similarities like teaching the town how to defend itself, but for the most part it wasn’t a complete retelling.

Mary is my kind of heroine.  Doomed to be a spinster as far as the town is concerned, she accepts her fate and meets it head on every chance she gets.  She doesn’t let anyone or anything keep her from her goal of freeing her town.  As much as she’d like a husband and family some day, she doesn’t hang her entire fate on it either.  That was probably the most appealing part of her character – the knowledge that she didn’t need a husband to make her happy.

Reese is a bit more complicated.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him at first as he was a touch cold when he met Mary.  To a point, I expect this sort of detachment when the hero and heroine first meet because no man I know wants to admit to having ~feelings.

feelings - crowley

Sorry, Reese, but your manly self is about to catch a big ol’ case of them.  Which honestly is why I read these books.  I love it when the big, tough, I-don’t-need-anyone-or-anything kind of guy discovers that, whoops, he’d been wrong all this time.  That he does need someone or, at beast, can admit that he wants to be with someone.  When you find out the reason he’s been pushing everyone away for so long, it definitely makes sense.

The rest of Reese’s gang of misfits will have their day in the sun in the following books, but I really did like all of them, even when they were being cranky and sneaky.  Ms. Handeland did a great job with showing them to be tough men with kind hearts without making them look like fakes at the same time.  Although another author writes the next in the series, I’m still eager to see what comes next for the Rock Creek Six.


source: personal ebook stash

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